27 November, 2007

New Demoreel


Long time without post anything, sorry everyone.
Here is my updated demoreel, wich includes some works done at vetorzero, personal stuffs, and freelancers.
I hope you like it :)

You can also watch it on YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrWO56cF4uc

30 July, 2007

Facial Test

Lately I have some time to work on my short film and now I'm in a middle of a software migration. Before it was been done in XSI, and now I'm transfering everything to Maya.... Yeah... I know!

So here is a new facial test, with some improvements in the main character.


24 March, 2007

Mama Lucha

She is just a normal mother, who cares about her family, but she have a secret identity and she fight against the high prices :o)

Here is Mama Lucha de Bodega Aurrera, a serie of commercials done at Vetor Zero, the company I've been working since september/2005.

I had so much fun in those films! And soon I'll be working on another one!! Yeah!

I hope you enjoy it :o)

Film Credits
Client: Wall Mart
Agency: Olabuenaga
Director: Nando Cohen/Marisa Ditleff
Animators: Helio Takahashi, Marisa Ditleff, Marco Trandafilov, Vitor Vilela