05 December, 2006

Thanks Paulinho!

A few weeks ago I asked to Paulinho Visgueiro for some art directions in my short film. Lights, colors, and some ideas for the stage. And here it is, amazing work as always!!


Now I got some extra battery to keep moving! Thanks a lot my friend!

05 September, 2006

He is Back!

After a loooong time I decided to work again in my short film.
So much to do yet, and I don't know when I'll finish it, but I WILL FINISH IT!! :o)

Here is a new image of the main character to celebrate, I hope you like it.

24 February, 2006

Demo Reel

Here is my demo reel, it is quite out of date and I'm planning to update it really soon,
but I don't have anything better to post so, here you go!

Vitor Vilela

26 January, 2006

XSIBase Interview

Recently I got interviewed by Raffael Dickreuter from XSIBase

Click here to read the interview :o)

Vitor Vilela

23 January, 2006

Yeahh!! I got a BLOG!!

Hey everyone, first post, first blog. Let's see how it works. I hope I can find some time to keep it updated.

Vitor Vilela